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Our skin care professionals are experts in Eyelash Extensions, Facials, Beard-care, Body Waxing, Dermaplaning, Brow Tinting, Glam Makeup, Permanent Makeup: Ombre/Powder Brows, Tattoo Removal services, and more.





Our online shop offers high-quality products and supplies to professionals and non-professionals.  As an alternative to lash extensions we offer false lash strips and our very popular 3D Magnetic Lashes with our 3-in-1 Magic Eyeliner.





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You can earn a minimum of 4 figures in extra income per month by providing beautiful, Classic, Hybrid, and Volume Eyelash Extension Services. 







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Eyelash Extension Supplies

Our lashes are soft, rich, and made of premium quality that is suitable for natural lashes. Our tweezers are handcrafted and tested for providing lash artists with the most optimum precision. Our adhesives provide a strong lasting bond with ultimate retention.



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Kween B. Strip Lash Collection


Let us match your mood with our high-quality, light, and fluffy, beautiful 3D Vegan Mink Lashes! No matter the mood or occasion we may have a lash to match!




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3D Magnetic Lash Kits

Accentuate your eyes with our beautiful and popular Magnetic 3D Silk Lashes engineered with high performance PBT Fiber materials providing a glossy, soft, strong, and natural curl. Our Magnetic Lash kits include our 3 in 1 Magic Liquid Eyeliner Adhesive and Lash Applicator.



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Interested in Learning How to Apply Classic, Hybrid, and Volume Eyelash Extensions?

Licensed Professionals can earn a minimum of 4 figures in additional income to your business each month! Contact us today to schedule your training with one of our licensed and professional instructors.

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My journey in the beauty industry began at the age of 12 years in Detroit, MI. I learned the technique of styling natural hair and installing hair extensions from my creative mother. Although it wasn’t my passion, I developed my own technique that women were offering to pay me. By the age of 14...

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